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Conventional fixation bandages often tend to slip when applied to joints or when used to secure plaster splits. Elastomull® haft color doesn’t. The elastic cohesive bandage is coated with natural caoutchouc latex. This makes the individual turns of bandage adhere firmly to each other.

The crepe-like weave structure further enhances the cohesive effect. This produces an excellent, crease-free fit while allowing the bandage to be applied in a rapid and material-saving manner. The patient’s free- dom of movement is largely preserved.

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Description and properties

Elastomull® haft color is made of 40% cotton, 30% viscose and 30% polyamide. The special weaving technique and the use of highly elastic, crimped polyamide threads give Elastomull® haft color its excellent elasticity which does not deteriorate even after prolonged use. The high stretch reserve makes the turns of ban- dage easy to apply. The individual turns need only overlap by about one third.

  • Non-slip, adheres to itself.
  • High elasticity and stretch reserve.
  • Open-pored weave structure.
  • Air-permeable and skin- friendly.
  • Economical on material.

Elastomull® haft color can be sterilized in autoclaves.

Main uses

Elastomull® haft color can be used universally

  • For the fixation of plaster splints and wound dressings.
  • For the application of joint bandages.
  • For the fixation of padding material.
  • As a light supporting bandage, e.g. after cast and tape remove.

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