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Leukosan® Adhesive condenses all advantages of conventional skin adhesives into an innovative aluminium tube. Its highly viscous and quick setting cyanoacrylate adds major improvements to the benefit of patient and practitioner.

Leukosan® Adhesive represents a well-composed wound closure concept, offering a leading option for precise wound closure procedures.

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Aluminium tube: functional application

  • Intuitive handling, requires little training only
  • Convenient and exact dispensing
  • Well-proven aluminium tube precludes risk of injury
  • No retraction of adhesive/secretion into applicator after pressure release

Each tube comes with two alternative applicator tips in a sterile pouch:

Ultra-high viscosity: precise application

  • Ultra-high viscosity allows for exact and easy application
  • Leukosan® Adhesive stays in place, even in tricky areas
  • One layer suffices to provide strong, reliable wound closure
  • Express polymerisation within seconds
  • Polymerisation is triggered by skin moisture without additional activators.

Action flexibility: reliability in every case

Once applied, Leukosan® Adhesive turns into a highly flexible, protective film on the skin surface. It absorbs tension (e.g. during oedema phase), flexes with the skin and will not break or become brittle prematurely. This ensures not only secure fixation of the wound edges but also provides a lasting anti-microbial and water- proof barrier, resulting in lower infection risks and better patient comfort.

No exothermic reaction:no discomfort

Children especially are often irritated by the unpleasant sensation of heat after application of skin adhesives.

Leukosan® Adhesive is recommended for the following indications:

  • Closure of topical incisions, cuts and lacerations with little or no tension, ideal in the operating theatre or in the emergency department
  • Wounds in problem areas where flexing occurs (between fingers or toes, on elbows or knees)
  • Additional infection control on incisions and lacerations closed with sutures, strips or staples
  • Topical closure of deeper wounds after prior use of subcutic

Benefits at a glance:

Ultra-high viscosity: quick, easy and safe to apply, 1 layer is sufficient
Action flexibility: flexes with skin, reliable adaption and protection
Express polymerisation: quick wound closure, lasting adaption
No heat generation: pain-free, patient comfort, child-friendly
Two applicator tips: optional precise and/or protective application

Storage & shelf life

Leukosan® Adhesive comes heat- and EtO-sterilised and provides two full years shelf life. It can be stored without refrigeration at room temperature (up to 30° C).

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