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Leukosan® SkinLink – the innovative atraumatic alternative to sutures

  • patentend anchoring system for reliable adhesion and secure closure of tension-free skin wounds
  • substitutes traditional sutures after injuries and surgical incisions
  • no local anaesthetic required
  • easy, quick and painless in application and removal
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Leukosan® SkinStapler – the professional instrument for precise procedures

  • flush design for excellent view to stapling area
  • ergonomic grip for precise staple application
  • transparent staple magazine with indicator
  • plus economic single use Leukosan® StapleRemover

Leukosan® Strip – the new generation of wound closure strips

  • innovative combination of excellent materials
  • knitted fabric for optimal elasticity
  • air and moisture permeable
  • for strong adhesion and skin- friendliness

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