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Patient comfort and profes- sional dressing fixation are not contradictions. Patients neither want to have their movement restricted nor forego early rehabilitation. Fixomull® transparent pro- tects wounds against water, moisture and contamination. It allows patients to wash and shower, without the need for additional protection against water. With its wide range of uses combined with easy and rapid application, Fixomull® transparent offers a noticeable relief in hospitals, private practice and for patients themselves.


Description and properties

Fixomull® transparent is a trans- parent and waterproof polyure- thane film coated with a very skin-friendly polyacrylate adhe- sive. The waterproof film offers optimal protection for the wound. It is waterproof and a bacterial barrier. Its semi-per- meable structure allows the skin to breathe thus reducing the risk of macerations. The extra-thin film conforms like a second skin to the contours of the body, including joints and extremities. The transparency of the film keeps the dressing inconspicuous and allows visual inspection of the wound envi- ronment at all times. Fixomull® transparent is easy to apply due to its innovative application system.

Further properties:

  • permeabletowatervapour
  • letstheskinbreathe
  • skin-friendly,alsosuitable for sensitive skin
  • verygoodinitialand permanent adhesion
  • conforming
  • stretchableanddurable
  • barrieragainstbacteria
  • hygienicwoundcare
  • reducestheriskofwound infections
  • easytoapply

Main uses

Fixomull® transparent is suitable

  • for waterproof wide-area fixation of wound dressings, also on joints and extremities
  • for waterproof fixation of instruments, catheters, measuring devices and probes
  • for hygienic fixation of ointment dressings

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