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Leukosan® SkinLink is a non-invasive, 2-component skin closure system, combining non-woven textile closures and surgical adhesive for secure topical wound closure. SkinLink offers the advantages of atraumatic treatment while effectively shortening procedure time.

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Adhesive textile closure
Coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive for reliable wound adaptation. Avoids additional trauma to the skin and can be readjusted before wound is finally closed. Adjusts to body movements and allows the patient to shower. Protected by perforated membrane.

Perforated membrane
Assists the correct dosage of adhesive and assures the ‘dot-to-dot’ anchoring of the closure on intact skin only while preserving its flexibility.

Surgical adhesive
n-butyl-2-cyanoacrylate in a flock-tip ampoule for precise application. Quick polymerisation for reliable closure. Reinforces the structure and strength of the closures


• Secure topical wound closure
• Avoids additional trauma
• to wound No local anaesthetic required
• Avoids stress due to stitching and stitch removal
• Ideal on elderly or fragile skin
• Time saving procedure


SkinLink is indicated for use as a topical skin closure device in the treatment of cuts, lacerations and surgical incisions.

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