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Cutimed® PROTECT spray and foam applicator: Re-establishing the skin’s barrier function.
Providing medical skin protection is an indispensable task in the treatment of exuding wounds and chronic wounds through- out all healing phases. The new Cutimed® PROTECT spray and foam applicator offer effective support by providing a long-lasting protective barrier.

  • Protects wound margins and peri-wound skin
    from external factors including wound exudate, incontinence, friction
  • Preserves and maintains intact or irritated skin
    by building a moisture barrier with good permeability to oxygen and water vapour
  • Prevents maceration
    by providing up to 96 hours of moisture barrier action
  • Effective adjunctive skin therapy during treatment of chronic wounds
    e.g. venous or arterial, diabetic foot or pressure ulcers, or whenever skin requires a protective shield


Skin maceration or irritation caused by

  • urinary and/or faecal incontinence
  • digestive and wound fluids
  • removal of adhesives
  • friction and shear

Cutimed® PROTECT foam applicator

  • for precise application to wound margins
  • available in 1 ml and 3 ml sizes

Cutimed® PROTECT spray

  • easy application to skin surfaces surrounding wounds
  • available as 28 ml-spray

Cutimed® PROTECT cream: Wide-area treatment of skin at risk.

A better hydration induces an improvement of the skin’s barrier functions. Especially in the care of incontinent patients the risk of skin maceration and diaper dermatitis are ever-present. Cutimed® PROTECT cream provides protection and care as preventive wide-area treatment against maceration and associated diseases.

  • Preserves and maintains intact skin
    by providing a long lasting protective barrie
  • Moisturizes the skin
    and prevents it from drying out while keeping it permeable to water vapour and oxygen
  • Preventive wide-area treatment
    against maceration caused by incontinence or body fluids
  • Safe and easy handling
    Cutimed® PROTECT cream is easily and quickly rubbed in without leaving a greasy film, it is non sticking and non-tacking, alcohol- and perfume-free.


  • prevention of maceration and irritation of intact skin caused by urinary and/or faecal incontinence
  • prevention of diaper dermatitis

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