JOBST® Relax Upper Extremities Garments

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JOBST® Relax is a new product designed to complement daytime compression for the upper extremities by offering an alternative to nighttime compression garments for patients with mild to moderate lymphedema in the maintenance phase.

Product Features

  • The low-profile material is flexible, lightweight and thin thus encouraging air flow and comfort
  • COOLMax® yards and advanced knitting technique increase breathability, providing a cooling effect for patient comfort
  • Customized, flat-knitting technology provides consistent gradient compression for a constriction-free sleep
  • Relax stays in place and provides the anatomical fit that only a custom-made product can offer
  • Monofilament spacer layer provides cushioning for comfort during the night
  • Textured surface creates a micro-massaging effect that stimulates lymph flow
  • The integrated zipper option with stay-down puller makes donning and doffing easy
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Gender : Men , Women

Styles : Armsleeve , Gauntlet

Colors : Beige

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