Actimove® TaloCast-AirGel

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Functional ankle brace combines benefits for effective therapy and improved compliance


  • Acute capsular ligament injuries (ankle sprains)
  • Ankle strains
  • Chronic ankle instability
  • Swelling and edema at the ankle Actimove® TaloCast-AirGel can also be used for preventative bracing and post cast support.

Relieving cooling therapy

  • Integrated cooling gel pads effectively help to reduce swelling, edema and pain, promoting the healing process
  • Gel pads can be easily and quickly cooled in the freezer
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Cushioning comfort

  • Gel pads adapt to the anatomical form of the ankle to provide comfortable cushioning
  • Prefilled air cells can be individually adjusted for customized fit
  • Free air flow inside air cells creates a massaging effect helping to reduce swelling

Increased stabilization

  • Semi-rigid, lightweight shells with gel pads give increased stabilisation
  • High-quality durable heel pad provides a strong and tight fit
  • 360° surround straps provide secure support

Sleek and slim design

  • Anatomically shaped low profile shells fit comfortably in everyday footwear enabling patients to quickly return to daily activities
  • Flat head rivets and seamless welding technology for a slim look
  • Sleek and modern black & blue design for enhanced patient compliance

Ease of use

  • Easily adjustable heel pad with hook and loop closure on the outside of shells
  • The heel pad’s printed foot symbol ensures correct application
  • Shells can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth

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